Worship Time: Sunday 11:00 AM PST

We are an Open, Welcoming and Affirming family church believing that Christ calls everyone without prejudice or distinction to love and worship God.  We have a rich history as a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community.  Whoever you are; wherever you are on the journey; whomever you call family— you are welcome in our Community of Faith!

We are worshiping both in person and online via video conferencing. To attend in person, see our address below.

To attend online, use Zoom on your smartphone, computer, tablet or regular telephone.  The Zoom link for smartphones, computers, and tablets is:

Sunday 2/18/2024:


Meeting ID: 917 134 5186

Passcode: 635095129 

Sunday 2/25/2024:


Same Meeting ID and Passcode.

Zoom is available for joining over a regular telephone.   See the "Zoom Details" page for detailed Zoom information.

If you have a question, please call or email us. Contact information is below.

New Community of Faith

6350 Rainbow Drive, San Jose, CA 95129

Telephone: 669-264-9760

E-mail: rpaschburg@newcommunityoffaith.net

New Community of Faith is affiliated with

the American Baptist Churches, USA, and the United Church of Christ.

The legacy New Community of Faith website is at www.newcommunityoffaith.com